Ever hear of the Melodion?

Do your kiddos need a easy way to make music during distance learning? While there are many great instruments we can recommend, we wanted to give a little shout out to the melodion! A instrument of many names, you may have heard it as a melodica, pianica or a keyboard harmonica as well. But whatever name it goes by, the instrument is the same: a wind instrument with a keyboard!

Apr. 10. 2020
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Peripole's COVID-19 Update

Due to the current world wide situation with the COVID-19 pandemic we have reduced our office hours to 8:30AM to 12:30PM PST (11:30AM to 3:30PM EST) Monday-Friday.

We are doing everything we can to reduce the spread of COVID-19, while maintaining our commitments to music education. Read our full statement here for more information.

Mar. 25. 2020
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Cleaning Your Recorder During Covid-19

We want to remind everyone how important it is to be safe and healthy right now. Here our recomendation on how to clean your recorder, a great resource for teachers (once schools are back in session) and parents of children practicing at home!


     Download our statement HERE

Mar. 23. 2020
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Welcome to Peripole!

Hello and welcome to the new Peripole blog. Here is a place for all this teacher resources! Check in to see regular updates with new helpful videos, lesson plans, articles and more!

Jan. 24. 2020
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