Our Commitment to the Health of our Planet and our Society



Being “in harmony” means a lot of things to a lot of people. But as our planetary time passes and populations grow, it has become critical to consider the long term health and harmony of not only the people and other living things that inhabit the earth, but also the health of the living ecosystems of the planet itself.


Peripole, Inc. has always taken this commitment seriously from the time when we began our own program to reuse shipping boxes in 1992 to the present when we have completed an extensive insulation project including replacement of all of the large size windows on our building with energy-conserving ones, thus yielding a smaller “carbon footprint”. In 2008 we took the additional step of purchasing 100% of the electrical power we use from renewable “green” sources.


You may have noticed that we favor natural, biodegradable, renewable and recyclable materials in the construction of our instruments and in our packaging materials. This is not an accident. We seek to avoid using products that are harmful to the environment and to individual health, and we favor natural authentic materials such as wood and tunable skins for drums, but always with an eye to quality. We never have and never will use lead based paints in our products.