Ever hear of the Melodion?

Posted by Ami Halverson on April 10, 2020

Do your kiddos need a easy way to make music during distance learning? While there are many great instruments we can recommend, we wanted to give a little shout out to the melodion! A instrument of many names, you may have heard it as a melodica, pianica or a keyboard harmonica as well. But whatever name it goes by, the instrument is the same: a wind instrument with a keyboard!

Never heard of a melodion? This little unsung hero of the instrument word is starting to make itself known! And with good reason! The melodion is a keyboard instrument, that can be played with a short mouthpiece and held vertically or with a long tube so that it can be set on a table or lap in piano playing position. It can be played solo, with friends or in full ensembles!


Now what makes the melodion so great for learning and playing at home? 
1)    Affordability: Our classroom melodion lists at 49.99! Our more advanced model is 99.99. Much more affordable than most melody instruments, let alone a keyboard or a piano!
2)    Playability: The melodion is easy to start making music on right away! Basically, a small keyboard, if you or your child can work out a song on a piano, you can play this instrument!
3)    The Sound: Similar to an accordion, the sound is mellow, unique and fun! Many parents complain about “bad” sounds when children are first learning. This instrument doesn’t squeak and is difficult to overblow. 
4)    Musicality: Many Asian countries use these instruments in their curriculum starting at 1st grade! Why? Because melodion teachers so many skills on one instrument! Piano skills and notes, two handed playing, fingering, tonguing, expression and breath control!

5)    Easy to clean: Made from ABS plastic with removable CLEANABLE mouth piece. Instrument can be wiped down with alcohol or disinfectant (do not spray liquid directly onto the keyboard). Like mouth mouth instruments, there is a valve to release built up moisture in the instrument
6)    Kids love them! Every time I see a kiddo pick up one of these cool instruments, they immediately get excited! They will love looking up and playing their favorite tunes and putting on concerts in the living room!


We currently have melodions available for sale on our website both in student and teacher models. Get yours today and get playing!



Helpful resources:
The Melodica Men are talented musicians who have taken the internet by storm! They were a hit at FMEA and the NAMM show and really showcase what you can do with this cool instrument!


Melodion Basic Lesson Series by Melodica Men: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cy1fwF_fSe4

Youcanplayit.com is website and Youtube channel has great easy to follow popular song tutorials that you and your kiddos will love to play! 

Here is a fun article about the melodion/keyboard harmonica in Japan and Japanese music education: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/life/2001/12/14/lifestyle/every-child-gets-to-be-a-musician-here/#.XpCzlshKjZs