We Are Partners In Music Education®



Each year, Peripole, Inc. makes a major contribution to the support of music education, nationally, state-by-state, and locally. The contribution takes many forms. We are proud to call this program Partners in Music Education. Today, we make the commitment to continue and to grow this program.


Many of our close friends in music education who share an awareness of this effort have said, Until I worked by your side at a convention, I had no idea how much you did, and how hard you work to support music education. If only everyone knew!


We at Peripole, Inc. take this partnership very seriously. As a company of music educators, we see ourselves as having a key leadership role to play in helping to establish and maintain the highest possible standards in music education, thus helping to bring those standards to classrooms all over North America. Recent examples of contributions include:


  • ●  Sponsorship of keynote and other presenters at numerous local, state, and national music educators association conventions, and in-service days.
  • ●  Provision of Bergerault Orff Instrumentaria; Peripole Percussion by Toca instruments; and free Peripole Angel Halo Recorders at sessions, clinics, and courses nationwide.
  • ●  Donation of Instrumentaria to special non-profit music education organizations such as NAME (formerly MENC) and AOSA.
  • ●  Donation of innumerable door prizes and special awards at conventions, courses, and chapter meetings nationwide.
  • ●  Donation of instruments to schools hit by natural disasters.


We are very proud of these contributions to music education. In the three years since the program began, the need for it has grown exponentially. We have endeavored to rise to the challenge. We thank all of our loyal customers who have supported us and have enabled us to be in a position where we are able to return something to the music education community as a whole.