Peripole was the first US manufacturer of musical instruments for general and elementary music education. Without any foreign competition in their early years, our business thrived unopposed.


In the early 1960s, competitors arose who shipped our instruments overseas to be copied. Since then, this has become part of life. However, although our prices have been matched, and at times even beaten, the one thing that has never been matched is our quality. We are very proud of this fact.


From our Tymptone Drum to all of our jingle-bell products, to our woodblocks, and much more, Peripole has remained a solid US manufacturer, despite the temptation to seek cheaper overseas sources. We also contract with several other US manufacturers for manufacturing and/or distribution. In fact, you will find over 100 items in this catalog manufactured exclusively in the USA.


Although we do offer many cost-competitive, non-US-made products, our commitment to growing our US manufacturing and quality is absolute. We are also proud that our Orff Instruments are manufactured in France, a country with outstanding industrial standards, similar to our own.


Please join us in supporting the rekindling of the entrepreneurial flame of manufacturing in the USA and in raising world industrial standards!