Peripole Presents: Musical Exploration Lesson 6 "Balloons"

Peripole Presents: Integrating Music and Science, a Musical Exploration Series


Lesson 6:  Balloons

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In this free informational video series, renowned music educator Richard Lawton goes back to basics and gets you the information to use current technology to get your online and blended learning classes going. These skills are not just limited to online learning and is knowledge you can use to create content and engage students for years to come. 


The video series covers:


I-Movie (August 10th)


Garage Band (August 13th)


Creating Your Virtual Performance! (August 25th)


Using Chrome Music Lab With Your Students (September 10th)





Peripole Presents Integrating Science & Music, a Musical Exploration Series

Peripole is proud to announce the rejuvenation of a Peripole exclusive project created in 1960 entitled “SOUND: Activity Guides for the Music and Science Programs” involving the teaching of sound in the elementary and junior high science curriculum through its application to music. 


This new updated version of the series will draw on the original ideas and structure of experimenting with materials to examine how vibrations make sound, how sound travels, how different instruments produce musical sound, and how sound is reproduced.


Lesson One Bottles & Jugs


Lesson Two Boomwhackers


Lesson Three Cowbells


Lesson Four Slide Whistles


Lesson Five Ukulele


Lesson Six Balloons

Special Lesson Plans


Peripole Presents A Spooky Lesson Plan From Lavonna Zeller-Williams-Bratschi

Here is a great little lesson plan for those hoping to add a spooky flare to their lessons this week! Thank you Lavonna-Zeller-Williams-Bratschi for putting this awesome lesson together and allowing us to share it here!

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Peripole Presents: A Lesson of Thankfulness with Lavonna Zeller-Williams-Bratschi

Teacher Lavonna is back this month with a great lesson plan for the upcoming holiday!

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Peripole Presents Getting Your Ukulele Program Going! With Dr. Andrew Perry

We are excited to annouce our showcase session at Ohio Music Educators Association Conference, Getting Your Ukulele Program Going! Presented by our President Dr. Andrew Perry. 


Get the session notes HERE

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Peripole Presents is our newest facet of our Partners in Music Education® program! Here we bring you new and exciting resources such as lesson plans and ideas, informative video series, and other educator and community driven information.


In these trying times, music educator education is limited and everything is new and uncharted! Here we want to bring you new information on ways to utilize current technology to teach, but we also want to bring you the techniques you would be learning through continuing education. Together we are shaping our children's future, and Peripole Presents is our way of directly supporting teachers and parents in bringing music to everyone.