IT’S GIVEAWAY TIME!  We’re so excited about the launch of our new Peripole Classic Ukulele by Enya line that we want to share the excitement with you all!

One participant will win a FREE Tenor Peripole Classic Ukulele! 


Read this blog to find out more!

Nov. 22. 2021
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Ukulele Club With Kalani Das: Top 5 Ukulele Chords for Beginning Students w/ Chris Russell

Kalani Das and Chris Russell talks about approaches to teaching beginning classes and what's important during the first week of school.

Nov. 09. 2021
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Oct. 20. 2021
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Peripole Presents: The Pumpkin and Ten Little Monsters with Lavonna Zeller-Williams-Bratschi

Lavonna Zeller-Williams-Bratschi presents The Pumpkin and Ten Little Monsters.  Part 1 of 2, for primary grades.

Oct. 20. 2021
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Ukulele Club With Kalani Das: Beginning Finger Picking

Learn how to play the ukulele using finger picking. Kalani's easy tutorial video shows you how to start using your index and thumb to play finger-picking style ukulele.

Oct. 12. 2021
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Ukulele Club With Kalani Das: The Most Important Ukulele Skill

In this introductory video Kalani talks about strumming patterns, and what he believes is even more important than strumming patterns.  Watch to find out what skill is most important when playing the ukulele (or any instrument!).

Sep. 29. 2021
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2021-2022 Conference Schedule

As part of our Partners in Music Education® program, Peripole attends multiple state and national conferences each year. At these Conferences we provide session classrooms with intrumentarium, sponsor clinicians, and set up pop-up stores for attendees. Check out our conference schedule in this blog to see if Peripole will be coming to an educators conference or event near you!

Sep. 28. 2021
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Guide to Selecting Orff Instruments - Part 4

Although many Orff classrooms take place with children sitting on the floor with their instruments on the ground in front of them, there is also a time and place for utilizing tables and stands.  Find out about our quality tables & stands for your classroom.

Sep. 28. 2021
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Ukulele Club With Kalani Das: How to Read & Write Ukulele TAB

Ukulele TAB is a way to play and write melodies. In this Beginning Ukulele Tutorial Kalani shows you how to read and write Ukulele TAB and gives you some background about TAB vs. traditional Western Notation. 

Sep. 13. 2021
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Why add ukulele to your music program?

The ukulele is quickly becoming a staple in the elementary music classroom.  Find out why this instrument is making such a charge, and how you can integrate it in your own classroom.

Sep. 09. 2021
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The Mandé Instrument Ensemble

Mandé is an ethnic group of different peoples in West Africa who speak related languages. Located chiefly in Guinea, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Mali, and Senegal, Mandé people have beautiful tribal and musical cultures, rich in tradition, but also with modern adaptations.


Learn about our specially crafted Mandé instruments sets, designed by Kalani Das.

Sep. 02. 2021
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Guide to Selecting Orff Instruments - Part 3



Peripole, Inc. Is pleased to offer quality wound Orff instrument mallets in two shaft materials: fiberglass-which comes with purchase of our diatonic and complete chromatic instruments, and birch hardwood. Both materials have advantages and disadvantages that can factor in when choosing one for your classroom. 

Aug. 24. 2021
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Ukulele Club With Kalani Das: How to Tune an Ukulele Tutorial

Kalani shows you how to use the tuners on your ukulele to change the pitch of your strings. You also learn how to use an electronic tuner and an ukulele tuning App for smartphone. Tuning your ukulele is easy when you know how.

Aug. 16. 2021
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How to encourage the apprehensive music student

We’ve all seen the kid who shies away from participating in music class.  You may have been one, yourself!  Just because a child doesn’t seem to be actively involved, doesn’t mean they aren’t learning in their own way.  We've compiled a list of a few tips and tricks that just may help lure these apprehensive children to become active participants, and perhaps even future stars!

Aug. 10. 2021
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Updated Guidelines for Music Classrooms

The International Coalition Performing Arts Aerosol Study has released updated guidelines for music education classrooms for the upcoming school year.  See the highlights and access the fully updated guidelines PDF.

Aug. 03. 2021
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Guide to Selecting Orff Instruments - Part 2

Take a deeper look into the history of Bergerault Orff instruments and what makes them stand out from the competition.

Jul. 19. 2021
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Guide to Selecting Orff Instruments

It is an exciting time for teachers just starting out with Orff instruments or programs! We know how overwhelming buying new instruments for your classroom can be and therefore we offer this guide on what to consider when buying for your music program. 

Jul. 12. 2021
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Ukulele Club With Kalani Das: Simple Songs with Ukulele Club

New to ukulele?  Kalani breaks down two simple songs with Ukulele Club.

Jul. 07. 2021
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GOLD Peripole Halo Recorder - Unboxing and More!

VIDEO BLOG : Unboxing of the Gold Peripole Halo Recorder, along with tips and tricks for creating an Orff ensemble using the recorder.

Jun. 24. 2021
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Summer Early Bird Recorder Sale!

Now's the time to save BIG on our most popular recorder: The Peripole® Halo® Recorder-Gold


Jun. 07. 2021
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