World Book Day 2022

Posted by Rei Murray on April 23, 2022

Happy World Book Day!


For World Book Day we have decided to highlight our number one top selling book here at Peripole: Recorder Express: Soprano Recorder Method for Classroom or Individual Use by Artie Almeida.


Recorder Express is on track to becoming the preferred recorder methods book of the United States (pun intended!), with more than 120 folk, pop, and original songs and exercises, as well as technique tips and beginning music theory all in one handy edition.


With its ease of play and compact size, it's no surprise our top selling book is Recorder focused.  The recorder is the first instrument for many children, and for good reason.  Almeida utilizes familiar songs to engage children and encourage them to play along.  As the train chugs along from page to page new vocabulary, theory, rhythms, notes, and techniques are added.


Notes in the order taught are: B, A, G, C, D, Low E, F-Sharp, Low C, F, High E.  Levels one and two are covered in this edition.  This method was well-conceived and thoroughly tested by master teacher, clinician, and professional recorder play Artie Almeida.  This title has received the iParenting Media award as one of the "Excellent Products of 2006".


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