Why add ukulele to your music program?

Posted by Rei Murray on September 09, 2021

Why add ukulele to your music program?


The ukulele is quickly becoming a staple in the elementary music classroom.  Find out why this instrument is making such a charge, and how you can integrate it in your own classroom.


• The ukulele is easy to learn with a high return in musicality for effort provided. Four strings make chording much easier than guitar and children will want to advance their musical skills and knowledge of music theory so they can take on increasingly more complex songs.


• Ukulele inspires kids to want to learn music! They can learn most contemporary songs, and the ukulele gives them the opportunity to sing along. It is a very social instrument and can be a pathway to social engagement, even from home. It is highly portable and easily shared. Not only that, but in comparison to other instruments the ukulele is relatively inexpensive.


• The Ukulele works well with your existing ensemble of elementary instruments. Easily integrated into your presentations along with movement, Orff instruments, percussion, and recorder.


• Skills learned and trained by ukulele practice are transferable to other string instruments. Learning chord formation, strumming technique and rhythm, and training fingers to create chords will be skills that can apply to other instruments if your students choose to branch out! Not just guitar, but also mandolin, banjo, bass and even orchestral instruments like violin.





  • Music theory
  • Reading of tab and traditional notation
  • Two hand playing method
  • Rhythm and strumming
  • Chord formation and theory
  • Vocal advancement when paired with ukulele


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