Peripole Presents: Musical Exploration Lesson 2 "Boomwhackers"

Posted by Rei Murray on August 31, 2020

Integrating Music and Science, a Musical Exploration series by Peripole





Title: Sound from Boomwhackers

Category: Percussion

Components: One set of Boomwhackers, three different mallets (ex: soft, hard, rubber), optional metal and wood cylinders for comparison.

Controlled Factors: Equal diameter

Variable factors: Length




Things to Investigate

1. Arrange the Boomwhackers in order of length and strike each.

  1. 2. Strike the cylinders with the different mallets.


  3. 3. Strike the cylinders with force, then strike gently.


  5. 4. Strike a cylinder while it is held firmly in one hand.


  7. 5. Strike a cylinder with another as it rests lightly across the palm of the cupped hand, as with claves.


  9. 6. Compare the sound of the plastic cylinders with the sound of metal or wood cylinders.

  1. 1. What kind of sound is produced?  Can a relationship be established between pitch and the length of the cylinders?


  3. 2. What effect do the different striking materials have upon quality of sound?


  5. 3. What is the effect of energy on the intensity of sound?


  7. 4. Is the sound muffled?

  9. 5. Is the sound produced clever and louder?

  11. 6. Why is the tone quality different?