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Mandé Standard Set with Small Djembes (Without Xylophones)

Item # P8301A
  • Our Special Mandé Instrument Ensemble™ Sets are Designed to be used with the Book/DVD/CD set by Ryan Camara and Kalani, “West African Drum and Dance: a Yankadi-Macrou Celebration"
  • The Set Includes the Following Instruments:
  • Four Small Mali Hand-Crafted Djembes
  • One Three-Piece Hand-Crafted Dundun Set
  • One Set of Kenken Bells with Beater
  • Two Ghanaian Caxixi Rattles
  • One Krinyi with Sticks
  • One set of Ksing Ksing
  • One Drum Major Whistle
  • For those who do not have Orff Xylophones in their Instrumentarium, this set is available with Orff Xylophones as well. Please see PB8301 for this option.
  • Please see individual items below for full descriptions.
Availability: In Stock!

Price: $1,432.11

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