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Ghanaian Caxixi Rattle

Item # P4327

The Classic Seed Caxixi is hand woven in Ghana using brightly colored reeds, a hard gourd base, with pebbles and seeds for shaker filler. When shaken and rotated the caxixi makes a mixture of soft and sharp percussive sounds. They are always played in pairs with baskets facing downwards using alternating hand motions.


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Mande is an ethnic group of different peoples in West Africa located chiefly in Guinea, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Mali and Senegal. Mande people have beautiful tribal and musical cultures and rich tradition with modern adaptions. It was Mande ethnic groups that first developed the djembe and dundun drums which dorm the core of their traditional emsembles. 


Under the guidance of Kalani Das and Rhyan Camara's ground breaking curriculum, West African Drum and Dance, these instruments can help bring authentic West African music, dance and culture to life in your classroom!


• Wood instruments made from the highest quality pre-seasoned West African hardwoods for quality and stability

• Pre-tuned and ready to play!

• Hand manufactured by craftspeople to traditional standards of highest quality

• Size stated is approximate for traditionally made instruments

• Highest quality goatskin heads for djembes and cowhide heads for dunduns

• Woods protected by pre-treatment with shea butter