How to encourage the apprehensive music student

Posted by Rei Murray on August 10, 2021

How to encourage the apprehensive music student


We’ve all seen the kid who shies away from participating in music class.  You may have been one, yourself!  Just because a child doesn’t seem to be actively involved, doesn’t mean they aren’t learning in their own way.  We've compiled a list of a few tips and tricks that just may help lure these apprehensive children to become active participants, and perhaps even future stars!



✨ Don’t force a child to do anything outside of their comfort zone.  Be respectful of their uneasiness.  Forcing them to join in could cause them to pull back even further.


✨ Add movement to the class.  Let the kids get a little loosey-goosey.  Children love to move, and movement can be a simple and effective way of getting kids involved in the group.  It may not be playing an instrument, but you’re getting that kiddo one step closer!


✨ Include a variety of music that gives the kids different ways to connect to the music.  Take into consideration the communities from which the children come, popular songs at the time, and songs with especially funny lyrics.


✨ Utilize cup games, clapping games, and body percussion activities. Not requiring a specific note to be achieved, some children may be more inclined to create sounds this way, compared to singing or playing an instrument.  


✨ Encourage effort.  Take note of the accomplishments, no matter how small.  Remember: what may be a small step for one kid, could be a huge leap for another.


✨ Give compliments.  So many children are likely to open up once they feel appreciated, or feel that they are being noticed.  Positive reinforcement can work wonders on how children perceive themselves.