Guide to Selecting Orff Instruments - Part 2

Posted by Rei Murray on July 19, 2021

Take a deeper look into the history of Bergerault Orff instruments and what makes them stand out from the competition.



Why Bergerault Orff Instruments?




Carefully selected rosewood lies in storage, awaiting further conditioning. Bergerault’s rosewood is aged a minimum of six years prior to use, then conditioned hermetically to further gradually diminish moisture content.
Mathieu and Alexandre Fergeau are President and Executive Director of Bergerault, France; the sons of Past-President Gilles Fergeau; and the grandsons of Company Founder, Albert Bergerault. Their knowledge and expertise in this field is unparalleled. They have led the company to the highest level of instrument quality while modernizing manufacturing and instrument design techniques.




Founded by instrumental and mechanical genius Albert Bergerault in 1932, the Bergerault Company has continued in France for three generations, each training the next. 






Expertise cannot be taught, it must be learned by experience. From the selection of rosewood for optimum physical properties for sound production; to tuning, bar dimensions, and style; Bergerault has painstakingly explored and found the techniques needed to construct great instruments. These techniques are present in their world-renowned mallet percussion instruments as well as Bergerault® Orff instruments. 






From the chromed steel bars on our glockenspiels (other brands using raw steel, nickel-plating, or aluminum) to the individually pitched resonator tubes and intrinsic stands of our Chromatic Orff Instruments, to the superior rosewood quality and larger dimensions of our wood bars, Bergerault® Orff Instruments have multiple features not found in other brands of Orff instruments. These select features are detailed in the Specification sections of each instrument. 






Peripole, Inc. is the exclusive North American source of Bergerault® Orff Instruments. We provide service, parts, and expert consultation regarding our instruments which are backed by our Triple Guarantee!