Let's get MOVING

Posted by Rei Murray on March 02, 2021

Have you ever tried to see how long a child can sit still?  It doesn’t last long, does it?


Children love to move, they love to use their imaginations and make believe, so why not utilize these qualities in the music classroom (and help them get some energy out at the same time!).


Peripole offers an array of movement props for the music classroom to help get your students moving and engaged with one another.  We’ve listed a few of our go-to movement props below to give you some ideas on where to start


“I’m A Star” Microphone
Item # P7009

A unique facsimile wood microphone.
Children are encouraged and inspired to sing traditional and their own made-up songs.
Much echo-singing, pitch-matching and dramatic play can be motivated.

Zwubber Bands
Item #P8800
Item # P8801
Item # P8802


7-foot-long stretch bands that come in rainbow colors; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, in rainbow order. Each 7 foot band is closed with a light-weight buckle This allows you to increase the size of your stretch band simply by adding on another 7 foot stretch band! You now can go from one class to the next class, adding or removing a band as you need. You can even separate the bands into small groups if need be, quickly and easily during class. They can be used not only in a circle but in a straight line as well!

Rainbow Scarf Rounds
Item # P9020

A pinwheel of color in a sweet round container.
Encouraged the development of gross motor skills.

Following the scarf cues helps students to learn to follow directions.
Creative movement encourages artistic learning.

Contains 6 27-inch scarves.
Colors are red, orange, yellow, Kelly green, royal blue, and purple.

Patriotic Canopy Set
Item # P9016

Canopies are visually and tactilely stimulating, very light weight for ease of use and portability, sheer for see-through activities.  These unique scarf canopies have a myriad of uses for children.  Simply add a light weight “bounceable” object to the center of the canopy and move it from side to side to encourage range of motion.  Use the canopy along with music to express mood and encourage playfulness.

Contains 3 9x9 canopies.  One red, one white, one royal blue.
Includes insert and bag.


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