Video Highlights from Richard Lawton's Wisconsin Music Educators Association Conference: New Ways To Uke!

Posted by Ami Halverson on November 10, 2020

We just finished up our October conferences and wanted to share a few great moments from our Wisconsin Music Educators Association sponsored clinician, Richard Lawton’s sessions!

Richard is pioneering new and exciting ways to use the ukulele for classroom music, particularly utilizing the Orff Shulwerk method! The ukulele is a great instrument  choice for classroom and at home learning. Not only is it an affordable option, but the instrument offers instant musical satisfaction, with endless room for growth!




In the first video, Richard demonstrates playing music from Music for Children in a ukulele assemble

Canon 5 w/score from Richard Lawton on Vimeo.



This next video he shows some beautiful, and easy improve techniques that for a rain song that will get any level of player going right away!

Rain Rain, Just a Sprinkle from Richard Lawton on Vimeo.




If you’re wondering about the ukulele that Richard is playing in the videos, it is a black Nova Ukulele by Enya! They are made from a carbon fiber poly carbonate blend and are completely sanitizable! They currently are available in concert size and start at $89.99 (with further teacher discounts!) and come with a semi-hard case, tuner, extra strings, capo and matching colored strap. We currently have them in stock in white, black, blue, pink, orange, and red! Check them out HERE 



Thanks again Richard Lawton for bringing light to the ukulele as a great choice for classroom instruments!