3 Ukulele Technique Videos to get you playing!

Posted by Ami Halverson on October 20, 2020

Kalani Das has put together these three great ukulele videos for the month of September! 

These videos are great for new players looking to start playing with a little more in-depth and creative techniques than just your every day 3 chord song. 



The first video is great for those just starting to pick up and play immediately!  Learn how to play Five 1-Finger Chords on the Ukulele. In this Ukulele tutorial, Kalani shows you how to play five easy one-finger chords, including: C7, A7, Am, C, and F (easy version)

This is also a great way to introduce ukulele in your classroom with one finger chords:


This video is great for musical exploration within the classroom and gives you some great uke techniques for the orff or improve classroom! 

Learn how to use open tuning to play songs and chord progressions. In this Ukulele tutorial, Kalani shows you how to change the tuning of just one string to open up more music and make it easy for anyone to play the ukulele, even those with limited movement:



This final video gives you some alternate techniques and fingering for bar chords! Learn how to play easy bar chords on the Ukulele. In this Ukulele tutorial, Kalani shows you how to play the Bb and D7 bar chords with alternative fingerings that can make them a bit easier to play:



Liked these videos by Kalani? Learn how to play the Ukulele by subscribing to Ukulele Club. Check Teachers Pay Teachers for the complete Ukulele Club resource, which includes instruction, notation of popular songs, TAB, play-along tracks, and downloadable videos for the music classroom. Kalani's website: http://kalanimusic.com


If you loved the sound of that great ukulele kalani plays in the videos we have it available HERE



Bio: Kalani is a professional musician, certified Orff-Schulwerk educator, and Board-Certified Music Therapist (MT-BC). He teaches music and mindfulness and leads music workshops and courses throughout the world.