Welcome Music Educators!

In light of the current state of the world, we were saddened to not be able to see you all in person during 2021. 2022 is offering new possibilities, and we are trying our best to attend as many in-person conferences as possible.  We are optimistic about the possibilities for more in-person conferences in the future and hope we will be able to gather and make music in a safe way soon. In the meantime, Peripole is working with renowned music educators to provide more resources for the everchanging ways of teaching during these uncertain times and participating virtually where we can. We love you. We miss you. Please stay safe.


Take a short walk through our virtual booth to get a taste of what we at Peripole have to offer. Rei and Kalani show off a few of our NEW products for 2021. Spoiler: Rasper Cats are back!

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Is Peripole on your school district, church, or educational programs preferred vendor list? Ask your purchasing department to include Peripole on your approved vendor and bid lists to get the best quality at the most competitive prices for your school! For more information contact Carol Lund, Sales Manager at carol@peripole.com or by phone at (800) 443-3592. Peripole Presents is the newest facet of our Partners in Music Education® program! Here we bring you new and exciting resources such as lesson plans and ideas, informative video series, virtual learning opportunities and other educator and community driven information. Visit Peripole Presents HERE





Check out our latest additions to the ukulele family: the Peripole Classic, and Enya Nova. The Renaissance recorder that you know and love now comes in a more economical version!

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Easy to Sanitize instruments, now easier to find

Use special discount code VirtualMEA2022 (case sensitive) to access full conference discounts and free shipping* on orders $100.00 or more placed within a month of the conference online at Peripole.com!


*Not valid on orders shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Porto Rico or other United States Territories and outside the United States.


At Peripole, we know that the health and safety of your students and staff comes first.  The need for classroom instruments that not only perform to your high standards for sound, quality and durability, but are also easily cleanable are top priority.  In order to assist you in making a cleanliness-conscious decision, we have added a new logo through-out our catalog, making these items easily identifiable as you flip from page to page.


Look for the   designation through-out our catalog, available in PDF format Here

We have also compiled all these easy to sanitize products in one convenient location on our website! Head over to our new product section entitled “Easy to Sanitize” by following the link Here




Kalani demonstrates the versatility in Peripole's elementary level Personal Music Kit. Jam along as Kalani gives you a taste of Peripole's upper elementary Personal Music Kit.


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Peripole knows the music classroom is going through changes, but we are ready to adapt with you to bring you the best quality and workmanship, great musical function of instruments, and competitive prices.


We will continue our efforts to encourage music and learning for children during this time by:

• Coupons and deals for instruments and materials that will work well for personal and at home learning as well as a clean and safe classroom!

• Continued supply of high-quality instruments at the lowest possible price.

• Price matching of all products with identical products offered by competitors.

• Continued partnership and sponsorship of music educators’ virtual events and training, including the sponsorship of top nationally and internationally renowned clinicians.

• New resources for teachers, students, and parents tailored to the current situation and curriculum. These resources currently include our new Peripole Presents webpage, a continually updated funding guide, and our Peripole Blog where will continue to share up to date information regarding music education opportunities, new products, instrument guides and more!

• Shared links to resources for teachers, students and parents tailored to the current situation

• Marking easy to sanitize products within our online and physical catalog



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Feeling a little lost about what you might need for your music program this year? Peripole is here to help with any and all needs you may have! Feel free to contact us VIA: email at contact@peripole.com Phone: 800-443-3592

Our business hours are Monday through Thursday, from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm PST, and Fridays 8:30 am to 12:30 pm PST.