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Enya Smart Tuner

Item # P7785



-For guitars and ukuleles

-Auto, semi-auto, and manual settings

-Low-G ukulele setting available

-Tunes by vibration for precise and accurate tuning regardless of external noise

-Built in beep metronome

-Rechargeable battery

Availability: In Stock!


Price: $49.99

Classroom tuning has never been so easy! Enya Smart Tuners are a new evolution in tuning technology! Easy to use, simply place the tuning bracket on the instruments tuning peg and pluck the corresponding string. The Smart Tuner will quickly and accurately move the tuning peg and tune the instrument. You can set the tuner to auto or manually set the notes. Tuning by vibration, not sound, they can be used in a loud space with precise and accurate tuning. With this one tuner, you can tune a full classroom of ukuleles quickly and precisely!