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Sela® Stainless Steel Handpan

Item # P3970

The handpan is the perfect combination of percussion and melody instrument. It consists of two thin, assembled stainless steel bowls. The halves are elaborately hammered by hand as part of the manufacturing process. This creates dents and a small hill in the middle of the body. These surfaces form the various sound fields. Surrounded by a circle of 8 tones, the central note lies in the middle of the handpan. If the fields are played, bright, long-lasting sounds are produced.

A high-quality and padded bag is included

• Tuning: D Amara (440 Hz)

• Tones: D3/ A3, C4, D4, E4, F4, G4, A4, C5

Availability: In Stock!


Price: $1,999.00