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World Rhythms Full Set

Item # P8725

Instrument sets designed by Kalani Das to be used with his World Rhythms curriculum.


World Rhythms is a classroom curriculum of traditional world music arranged for drumming ensembles with songs from the Caribbean, Brazil, and West Africa. It’s designed for easy accompaniment on ukuleles, guitar, piano, and Orff instruments. The World Rhythms program was created by drummer, educator, and music therapist, Kalani Das, and is focused on helping students reach social and emotional goals while developing rhythm, timing, pitch, ensemble skills, and other important life skills, such as listening, collaboration and leadership. Students learn how to tune, setup, and play the most commonly used drums and percussion instruments, preparing them for the next level of music making. World Rhythms instrument sets increase diversity in classroom music and may be mixed and matched for endless possibilities.


The Full Set includes:


P4122 Medium Dundun drum 12” X 22” - Quantity 1

P4123 Large Dundun drum 16” x 22”- Quantity 1

P4482 Surdo Drum 22” X 20” - Quantity 2

P2565 Surdo Mallet - Quantity 2

P4452 Toca Djembe 12” drum - Quantity 2

P4498 Gon Bops Cajon with gig bag - Quantity 1

P4152 Sienta® Tumba (Conga) 11” drum - Quantity 1

P4151 Sienta® Conga 10” Drum - Quantity 1

P4230N Toca Players Series tunable bongo drums - Quantity 1

P4480 LP Tamborim - Quantity 1

P2560 LP Tamborim Striker - Quantity 1

P3307 Cowbell - 7” - Quantity 1

P3305 Cowbell - 5” - Quantity 1

P3401 Toca Agogo Bell - Quantity 1

P5504 Maracas – small, black, plastic - Quantity 1

P5610 Shaker – round, 10’X 2” - Quantity 1

P4327 Ghanaian Caxixi  - Quantity 1

P5112 LP deluxe wood claves- Quantity 1

P5204 Peripole® Hi-Lo tone block - Quantity 1

P5222 Timber Drum Co Large Wood Block  - Quantity 1

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Price: $3,404.30