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My Music! Play Kit

Item # P8850

The My Music! Play Kit is part of a music video lesson program called "My Music! Class" for young children that ELTMA (Enriching Lives Through Music Association) is sponsoring. Each kit is designed by ELTMA'S Lisa McKim-Hill for small children to play with during a "My Music! Class" session.  


For more information on ELTMA and how to join "My Music! Class" please visit: https://eltma.net/my-music-class


Included in each kit is:

  • * 1 Peripole® Multi-Bells
  • * 1 Peripole® Red Egg Shaker
  • * 1 Pair Peripole® Conbination Rhythm Sticks
  • * 1 Pair Peripole® Sand Blocks
  • * 1 Peripole® Kids Puppet (puppets picked at random)
  • * Blue Peripole® nylon drawstring backpack
Availability: In Stock!

Price: $30.45