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Louson Drums CajonTab® Portable Cajon 12"

Item # P4401

The 12 inch Jumbo CajonTab® with external snare. The Jumbo 12" size CajonTab® is considerably deeper in tone than the 10" and has more thump and presence.  The larger drum creates a greater contrast in tone between the edges and the center.

This drum is versatile. Removing the external snare is simple and instantly creates a drum with an open, resonant tone. Adding the snare creates a crisp flamenco snare tone. The Jumbo model allows the player to choose between open bass tones and crisp snare tones. 

Availability: In Stock!

Price: $219.00

  • • 12" dovetailed birch frame for durability 
  • • Ultra thin and responsive mahogany/poplar tapa for easy finger rolls 
  • • Adjustable sound hole cover to change the pitch as well as fuzziness of the snare
  • • Includes a Louson Drums logo guitar strap for mobile playing
  • • Removable external snare which may be moved to the bottom of the drum to remove the snare sound.  May also be removed entirely in seconds
  • • Good for players with larger hands