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Bergerault Professional Performance Series 3.0 Octave Glockenspiel with Field Frame

Item # BP-KGPP30F

Bergerault Performance Series Glockenspiels feature oversized, non-reflective alloy/steel bars. They use a specially developed mixture of alloys that gives the bars a unique bell-like chime and offers excellent stability and in all environments. Performance Series Glockenspiels are high quality, competition-grade instruments, perfect for adding that necessary brightness and high-end presence to your ensemble's sound. 


•3.0 Octave, F5-F8
•1.26" (32mm) Alloy Steel Bars
•Charcoal Powder Coated Resonators
•Extended Pedal
•8" No-Flat Tires
•With Cover


Square Accessory Rail

The rail allows for attaching a number of different percussion accessories. The square shape offers a better grip for the clamp and prevents movement or rolling while playing, something that can occur with round rails.


No-Flat Locking Tires

These tires are designed for strength and durability rolling over any number of surfaces. They also lock in place providing a secure and stable base upon which to play.


Field Cart Height Adjustment

The Field Carts adjust easily for height in order to accommodate a wide range of players. With the handles in the horizontal position, the height adjustment is unlocked and able to be moved. The handles in the vertical position mean that the height adjustment is securely locked in place.


Pedal Attachment

The pedal attachment securely fastens the pedal to the keyboard enabling a strong, durable connection that eliminates loss of energy transfer for a smooth, responsive pedal motion.


Extended Sustain Pedal

The extended pedal offers performers better access to the sustain mechanism of the Glockenspiel, supporting more controlled and articulate playing.


30mm Alloy Steel Bars

Performance Glockenspiels are equipped with 30mm Alloy Steel Bars. They are designed for strength and durability to deliver great tone over many years of playing.



Please note that due to the size of the item and complexity of order Peripole staff will be contacting you to arrange special delivery of this item.

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Price: $6,825.00