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Wood Mallets for Soprano Glockenspiels - Nylon Shaft

Item # P2518

Spinter free flexible nylon shaft

  • Rubberized grip
  • 9.75" Long
  • Wood mallet head desgined especially for high response
  • Sold as a pair
Availability: In Stock!

Price: $9.95


Peripole is pleased to offer soprano (blue), alto (yellow) and bass (red) Orff Instrument mallets in two shaft materials; fiberglass, which comes as standard with our instruments, and birch hardwood.


We are often asked which material we recommend and the truth is that each has advantages and disadvantages. We offer the following to help with your selection:


Fiberglass is extremely durable and resistant to breakage. It also has a heavier head which creates a feeling like "bouncing a ball" when playing. Many teachers and clinicians prefer and recommend this kind of balance. If shafts are struck against each other, or against the edge of the keys or other sharp objects, the protective coating on the shafts will eventually develop imperfections exposing fiberglass which can splinter. If this occurs, mallets must be repaired by covering or refinishing the damaged portion, or they should be replaced.


Birch Hardwood is a thicker, lighter material and creates a larger, more ergonomic grip and balanced feel. If the shaft material is damaged by clicking or striking each other or sharp objects, resulting imperfections are easier to see, and can be easily repaired by sanding and painting, or by covering. Birch hardwood, though quite durable with normal use, might be broken if stepped on, or otherwise severly abused.

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