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Large Sienta® Wood-Top Djembe-Cajon

Item # LQ-P4126

Sirenta Series by Peripole® Percussion! Designed to be played seated without the need to tilt, lift or place on a stand. These innovative drums are made From solid wood construction with natural skin drums in genuine ethnic styles.


Large Sienta® Djembe-Cajon - 13" x 28"



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Price: $329.50

  • Combines the rich tones of the cajon with contrasting bass and open tones of the djembe.
  • Unique, light-weight, durable Linden hardwood construction.
  • Recessed wood top provides superior performance and durability.
  • Soft rich tones makes this a great choice for volume-restricted environments.
  • No tuning needed for full consistent sound.

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