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Bergerault Contra Bass Bar B - Bergerault Techlon Bar

Item # P1407C

Contra Bass 23/8" x 5/8" Bar. Mallet not included.

Availability: In Stock!

Price: $485.00



Synthetic Bar Quality:

  • Bergerault® Techlon is a unique proprietary composite material that closely approximates the sound of rosewood.
  • Surpasses other fiberglass/synthetic bar instruments in richness of tone quality.
  • Provides maximum protection from variations in humidity.

Bar Features:

  • Bars mounted on individual tuned wood resonator boxes with additional adjustable tuning mechanism.
  • Bars precisely tuned to A440.
  • Each bar overtone-tuned to both the first and second overtones (tonic and dominant).

Resonator Boxes:

  • Constructed of wood with laminate finish for durability and easy cleaning.
  • Top and sides both glued and screwed together.
  • Boxes attached on back side of the instrument

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