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Play Ukulele with Kalani DVD

Item # P9513

PLAY UKULELE is your key to learning the uke in a way that's easy and FUN! Whether you're just starting or want to add to basic skills, Kalani helps you play like a Pro in no time. You'll hardly notice just how much you're learning! This is a complete program for anyone who wants to PLAY UKULELE.

Includes 90 minutes of instruction on:

• Ukulele Anatomy

• Uke Types and Cases

• Several Ways to Tune Your Uke

• Common Strumming Patterns

• How to Read Chord Symbols and Diagrams

• Popular Chords and 'Chord Shapes'

• Common Chord Porgressions

• Tips for Playing in Different Styles

• Basic Finger Picking

• Improvement Tips

• Free Resources at playsinglaugh.com

Availability: In Stock!

Price: $15.95

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