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Bergerault Compact Series Diatonic Soprano Xylophone - Aged Rosewood Bars

Item # P1101CP

Compact Series Diatonic Soprano Xylophone

•Includes F# and Bb bars and two special yarn mallets

•16 Aged Rosewood Bars

Availability: In Stock!

Price: $489.00



Our Compact Series Orff Instruments are designed for ease of use in the modern school environment.

• Extra-wide, extra-long bars identical to our Standard and Chromatic™ ORFF models for superior sound.

•Range identical to standard instruments

•Long-lasting, heavy-duty metal bar posts with heavy-duty, solid neoprene to support bars and allow free vibration

•Perfect alignment of bars of diatonic instruments and chromatic add-on units with innovative half-trapezoid shape

•Natural wood varnished resonator boxes

•Compact and stackable for easy storage and transport

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