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World Music Drumming New Ensembles and Songs

Item # P9404

Will Schmid's new book and playalong CD, World Music Drumming: New Ensembles and Songs, supplements the original World Music Drumming curriculum. These new pieces expand the drumming spectrum to include new culture areas and contemporary drumming styles. All pieces and songs have been kid-tested in grades 3-12.



Desert Fire - “A Ram Sam Sam”

On the Mountain - “Sow It On the Mountain”

Drum Up the Sun - “Sahara Sunrise”


Harambee - “Get It Together” and “Peace Drum Song”

Peace Drum

Rock It!

Swing It - “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”

Sometime, Somewhere Blues”




Interlaken Jam

A “Player’s Dozen” Jam

Recorder Hocket

Sound Shapes

Gourds and Boards

Bells and Other Metal

Bomba güembé

Spirit Drum - “Amazing Grace”

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